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General Household Ant Pests

A complete list of the ants of the world or even the ants known to exist in the United States would be too exhaustive to list here.  General Household Ant Pests are those that are most commonly encountered by those responsible for pest control in homes, farms, restaurants and other structures.  (Other ants not encountered by pest controllers might be listed due to frequently asked questions or merely because of an ant species being an oddity.) By clicking on the common name of an ant you will be taken to an article containing material that is relevant to the identification, habits, range and control of that particular pest.  Ant pest control can involve structural change, the use of different bait formulations or by using a combination of insecticide materials such as sprays, dusts and aerosols.

The correct identification of your particular pest will result in better control of that pest.  You will usually save money, time and materials by approaching any single ant pest armed with sufficient knowledge of the ant and the correct or suggested method of control.

Acrobat Ant  Control, Eliminate Acrobat Ant Colonies, Infestations

Allegheny Mound Ant  Allegheny Mound Ant, biology, elimination, Ant Control

Argentine Ants  Argentine Ant Elimination with Demon, Cynoff Pesticides

Big Headed Ant  Big-Headed Ant, big headed ants and their control

Crazy Ants  These small, dark colored ants get their name from the habit of meandering around, not following trails as often as other ants.

Carpenter Ant  Control methods and how to inspect for carpenter ants.

Fireants  Brief description and biology of the fireant; pest control products.

Ghost Ants   Ghost ant (also called Black Headed Ant) elimination begins with thorough inspection before pesticide applications.

Odorous House Ant  When crushed, the workers of this species give off an odor which resembles that of rotten coconut, giving them their odd name. 

Pavement Ants  Pavement Ant article, including pest control for ants, biology of pavement ants.

Pharaoh Ants  Pharaoh ant elimination is best accomplished through an extensive indoor baiting program.

Pissants  An actual Pissant is an ant that lives in certain European forests and gets its name from the odor produce by its nesting material - pine straw and pine needles.

Pyramid Ants  The key identifying characteristic of this ant is the pyramid-shaped projection on top of the thorax.

Velvet Ants, Cow Killers   Despite their name, velvet ants are actually wasps that have very dense hair covering their body. 

White-footed Ant   Originating in certain areas of Japan (Okinawa, Iriomote, southern Kyushu and Nansei Islands,) White Footed Ants were first accidentally imported into Florida.

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