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Biological Odor Control

For urine, feces, carcass, pet odors

Bac AzapBac-Azap - A good smelling biological agent that you can spray wherever there is a urine problem. Actually eats up the urine crystals and completely does away with the odor. Will not hurt rugs or furniture.  This product is excellent for use on dog or cat urine in carpets and is a "must have" tool while house training puppies and kittens.  Destroying the odor causing bacteria makes for a cleaner smelling home while enforcing training for you pets.

Bac-Azap is composed of multiple strains of specifically bred bacteria that directly attack odor causing organic matter, eliminating the source of odors.  It is unsurpassed in controlling odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, grease, fats, proteins, decomposing plant animal matter, pet odors and other organic matter.  It is especially effective in eliminating skunk odors. Newer (or fresh) odors are more easily eliminated than older odors which have yet to be treated.  On this "older odors," second or third applications might be necessary.

Use Bac-Azap for spot-treating areas where you know the odors are originating from specific spots of urine, feces, etc.  In homes (rooms, attics, crawl spaces, wall voids) and businesses the use of more than one odor eliminator is often needed.  In these cases first use Bac-Azap as a spot treatment.  Next, fog or spray the entire structure with Epoleon NnZ.  Certain businesses such as veterinarians, pet groomers, animal breeders should always keep Bac-Azap and Epoleon NnZ on hand to keep the business smelling fresh and clean.

Directions for use:
Bac-Azap is furnished full strength and ready to use for the toughest applications.  In cases where the product is applied periodically as part of an ongoing maintenance program, the product may be diluted with one to two parts water in order to maximize coverage.

Walls, Floors & Carpets:
Begin by thoroughly cleaning areas with appropriate materials and methods.  Spray Bac-Azap on all surfaces where odors might originate including wall surfaces, floor and carpets.  Apply at the rate of one quart per 100 square feet of surface area.
Note: Although Bac-Azap is designed to be non-staining, always test surface for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before treating entire surface.

Refuse Containers, Garbage Cans and Dumpsters:
Once container is empty, rinse with water and liberally spray surfaces with Bac-Azap.

Crawl Spaces & Basements:
Spray onto surfaces which produce or retain odors from mold, mildew, wildlife and pets.  Apply at the rate of one quart of solution per 100 square feet.

Bac-Azap may also be fogged into confined areas such as crawl spaces or attics, through the use of a fogging device.  Dilute product 2:1 -- two parts water to one part Bac-Azap -- and apply as a fog at a rate of one gallon of mixed solution per 1,000 cubic feet of confined space.

Bac-Azap replaced with Invade Bio-Zap; more working enzymes, better price.
Order Invade Bio Zap odor eliminator

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Bac-Azap Odor Control