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Baits Used In Pest Control

Professional baits are designed to eliminate certain pests, not only as an alternative to insecticide sprays, dusts or aerosols but also because (in many cases) they offer an easier method of control.

The baits listed here are basic starting points for those interested in using a bait to eliminate various pests - ants, fireants, carpenter ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish, slugs, snails, rats, mice, moles.

Fluorguard  This ant bait (manufactured by FMC) is used extensively by pest professionals for various household ants.  A great indoor bait for fireants.

Maxforce Baits  Professionals have trusted the Maxforce line of baits for many years.  The secret of these baits: superior attractants.  The product line includes baits used to eliminate or control roaches (cockroaches), ants, carpenter ants, fireants, crickets and filth flies.  Formulations include bait stations as well as bait gels and granular baits.  New, from Maxforce: Granular Fly Bait.

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait  Use this bait alone for a quick kill of carpenter ants or in combination with Advance Carpenter Ant Bait to help with larger jobs.  Gel formulation allows for neat, specific placements of bait.

Maxforce Fireant Bait Granules  One of the best granular baits designed to attract foraging fire ant workers so that they will feed it to the rest of the colony.  Kill fireant colonies from the inside out!

Maxforce Granular Insect Bait  These granules can be used to bait multiple insects: ants, fireants, roaches and crickets.  Excellent bait for scattering in flower beds, mulched landscapes and in lawns for ant control.  Available in regular and FG (finer granules) and can be purchased in small 10 ounce containers or larger refills.  Smaller granule size is perfect add-on bait when eliminating Pharaoh ant colonies.

Maxforce FC Roach Killer Gel  The most effective pest control tool for eliminating indoor cockroach infestations.  As with other baits that contain Fipronil, Maxforce Gel for roaches has a domino effect: any roach that feeds on or even touches the material will pass on its killing effects to any roach which it touches, whether it be during mating or just crawling over other roaches.

RCO Mole Patrol  For many years, the only effective baits available for controlling moles were "ZP" types or formulations.  RCO Mole Patrol contains better attractants (to get the mole's attention) and its killing agent (active ingredient) does not repel the targeted pest.

Rodenticides  Use this page to find different brands of baits designed to kill rats, mice rodents.

Sluggo  New slug and snail bait that is not harmful to pets and wildlife.  Other conventional slug baits are highly toxic to non-target animals but Sluggo is safe to use around such animals and is very effective against slugs and snails.  Use in lawns, gardens.

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