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Cobweb Eliminator

Inhibits Web Formation, Neutralizes Spider Web Adhesion

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Cobweb Eliminator for Spider WebsCobweb Eliminator is the only patented product formulated to eliminate, clean and inhibit the formation an reformation of Cobwebs.  This material is 100% natural, FDA/ USDA approved and is authorized for use in food processing plants, restaurants and other associated areas. Can be used alone or a part of spider elimination program.

Cobweb Eliminator neutralizes and breaks down the spider web's attachment points and makes for easy removal.  It leaves a residue that continues to damper a web's adhesive properties.  It discourages reformation spider web reformation by acting as a deterrent in keeping webs from ever being constructed.  Cobweb Eliminator may be applied to wood, painted surfaces, vinyl, fiberglass, concrete and masonry -- without staining.  For best results on metal surfaces, use a sponge to apply the product.  Remove any web residue with a broom.

100% Natural Biodegradable Non-Carcinogenic Non-Toxic
Pet Safe Human Safe Crop Safe Not OSHA Regulated
Economical Qt. Treats 275 Square Feet Gal. Treats 1500 Square Feet 5 Year Shelf Life
Stable pH 3-10.5 Flash Point >216F Low Conductance
Ready to Use Saves Time  Non-Corrosive Patented

When used as directed, Cobweb Eliminator is safe to humans, pets, plants and crops.
FDA/USDA Approved 21 CRF 182.1-182.2.

Used in pest control, garden/ agricultural, janitorial, farms, dairies, ranches, animal health, restaurants, food preparation areas, schools, government parks/trails, marinas, property management, storage facilities, etc.  Excellent for use as a stand alone product or in conjunction with pesticides such as Cynoff WP, Demon WP, Suspend SC..

Product Application

Do not dilute.  This material is ready to use, no mixing required.  Efficacy will vary with different surface types and when exposed to the elements.  Most pest control operators prefer to treat indoor surfaces twice per year, outdoor surfaces on a quarterly basis or as needed.

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Cobweb Eliminator discontinued by manufacturer.


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Cobweb Eliminator