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Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait

Kills Fire Ants

Can Be Used on Pastures and Rangelands With No Withdrawal Period!

One Jug Treats 108,900 Square Feet With Precor (Methoprene) IGR

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Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) with specific activity to fire ants.  The IGR (Methoprene) is contained in an attractive bait that foraging fire ant workers take back to the mound to feed to other workers and the queen.  (Methoprene is the same active ingredient used in Precor IGR, indoor flea control) IGR’s are different from conventional products which provide a direct kill to fire ants.  IGR’s work by affecting queen reproduction.  The effects of the treatment may not be immediately evident. IGR’s are slower in activity than conventional products.  Though slower in action, control is complete without the concern of rebounding or movement of the colony to another location.  Reduction in colony size can be seen beginning at three weeks with colony elimination within 8 to 10 weeks after application of Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait.  When existing workers die, replacement workers are not produced, resulting in starvation and elimination of the queen and colony.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait may be used as a preventative application to reduce the buildup of fire ants into unwanted areas.   Two to three broadcast applications per year are recommended to prevent the encroachment and subsequent development of new mounds into an area.  Repeat applications of Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait may be made as often as fire ants are observed.

Avoid application of Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait during heat of the day or when rain is expected within 6 hours of application.  Avoid application to wet areas as moisture reduces the attractiveness of the bait.  In areas of heavy infestation, repeat applications may be necessary 10 to 12 weeks following the initial treatment.  The following application methods can be used individually or in combination.

Individual Mound Treatments for Fire Ants

Treat all visible fire ant mounds with 3 to 5 tablespoons of Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait.  To treat the mounds, sprinkle the adjacent areas of the mound, applying evenly in a manner to encompass the mound to a perimeter of 4 feet.  Do not disturb the mound or dump the bait on the mound!  Disturbing the fire ant mound will only stress the colony, causing bait avoidance and possibly splitting the fire ants into more locations.

Broadcast Applications for Fire Ants

Apply Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait to areas infested with fire ants at the rate of 1 to 1.5 pounds of product per acre (3.5 tablespoons per 1000 square feet) using a hand seeder or broadcast spreader.  No withdrawal or grazing restrictions are necessary on treated areas.

Extinguish Professional Fire Ant Bait may be applied to (but not limited to):

Residential turf and landscape, building perimeters, parks, sports fields, golf courses, zoos, cemeteries, airports, roadsides, school grounds, citrus groves, pastures, rangeland, cropland, sod farms, forestry sites, commercial nurseries including field grown and container stock.

A 2.5 pound jug of Extinguish will treat up to two acres.

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