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Borate Flea Treatment for Carpets

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Application   Ordering

General Indoor Flea Control   Outdoor Flea Control

Fleas in carpets are best controlled with carpet powders containing an ortho boric acid material that is labeled for killing fleas.

Flea Stoppers Flea Treatment is guaranteed for a full year!

The adult fleas you see in your home make up only 2% of the total flea population; 80% of the fleas in your home are in the egg and larvae stages.  The borate flea treatment kills fleas in these immature stages, effectively breaking the flea life cycle.  Each adult female flea can lay 300 to 500 eggs during her life.  The one year residual control prevents any flea eggs (and larva) laid in your home from maturing into biting, jumping, egg laying adults.

Flea Stoppers is safe for all carpets and will not harm your vacuum cleaner.   This flea treatment is safe to use in homes which have children and pets of all ages; when used as directed, this product is the safest flea control on the market.   This method of flea control is very long lasting, if you don't or steam clean your carpets.


Before applying the product, clean carpets that you might want cleaned in the next few months.  To apply, simply sprinkle the tiny granules in small amounts to your carpet.  Next, gently sweep the granules into the carpet fibers.  Do not vacuum for five to seven days; it is safe for people and pets to be on the surface during this period.  All carpets and rugs should be treated in a home for best results.

Product Price and Ordering

Each container of Flea Stoppers contains 5 pounds of product which will treat 2,000 square feet of carpet.
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