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Advantage Fly Trap

(Click to see Fly Trap)

Advantage Fly Trap Captures Nuisance Flies Outdoors!

For elimination of fruit flies, fungus gnats and other flying pests in restaurants, warehouses and large homes, go to Professional Fly Traps.

The Advantage Fly Trap is the only trap on the market that can capture and kill many different fly species but is excellent for use in controlling filth flies.  This trap contains all natural ingredients and is non-toxic to children and animals.  Flies are attracted to the fly lure from as far away as thirty feet.  The unique chimney effect draws more flies and more species of flies than any other trap on the market.  Dimensions are 10 inches high and 6 1/2 inches wide.
The Advantage Flying Insect Trap is a combination of all the best features of an insect trap available.  This trap incorporates the three properties of an effective flying insect trap:

  1. Light Source

  2. Interior Temperature

  3. Aromatic Dispensing of Smell

The Circular shape of the trap allows for maximum light source while the top and bottom entry points create a chimney effect dispensing the various attractants smell over a thirty foot wide area as compared to ten feet with other traps, while keeping the interior temperature of the trap constant.

The all new fly attractant is Fly Banquet, which contains all natural ingredients such as chicken, natural herbs, fish and spices.

  • Lures a wide variety of flies: Stable Fly, Blow Fly, House Fly, Blue Bottle Fly/ Green Bottle Fly, gnats, etc.

  • EPA exempt- no restrictions to adhere to.

  • No poisons - safe to use around people an animals.

  • No chemicals - environmentally safe.

  • All natural ingredients - contains chicken, fish, natural herbs and spices.  No harsh odors.

  • Simple to use - just mix Fly Banquet with water.

For outdoor use only.  Each Advantage Fly Trap is shipped with refills of Fly Banquet Lure and a disposable liner.

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The Advantage Fly Trap

Advantage Fly Trap kills biting flies. Click to enlarge.

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