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Odor Elimination

The following products should be used to remove odors

Odor Genie, Odor Killer and Nature's Air Sponge are excellent in removing carcass odors - dead rats or mice.  Many pest control operators are now using Epoleon Deodorizers for many different odor problems caused by dumpsters, pesticides, dead rodents and skunks.  There are two different Epoleon products to choose from: NnZ and N7C.  Epoleon N7C has a scent that is not a masking agent but one that actually enhances the organic material for better odor elimination.  For sensitive areas where unscented materials are needed, use Epoleon NnZ.
Air Neutralizers are used to keep homes and businesses smelling fresh.  Bac-Azap is perfect for eliminating fresh urine odors in carpets, furniture.  Odor Genie will eliminate any odors emitted which are organic, such as dead rats or other animals, smoke, urine (especially cat urine) or garbage.
Click on each product for description to help you decide which product is best for your odor problems.


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