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Snake Guard Snake Trap

Snake-A-Way snake repellent

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The Snake Guard snake trap is the only product available that is both safe and effective at removing snakes from your home, greenhouse, boathouse, warehouse or other areas that snakes may frequent.
This disposable trap enables you to safely and humanely capture, release and relocate snakes.
The Snake Guard traps poisonous snakes (rattlesnakes, coral snakes, copperheads, cotton mouths, etc.) and nuisance non poisonous snakes.  

Here is how the Snake Snake Trap works:  The unique design of this trap allows a snake (large or small) to enter and then become entrapped in a special non-toxic glue.  No live mice or other baits are required.
Placing the trap on floor, next to a wall is all you need to do.  Snakes also prefer the low profile, sheltered area that it senses as it enters the trap. The snake crawls into the trap, unaware of what lays ahead.  Once the snake encounters the special glue and tries to escape, it is too late.

Picture of Snake Trap and placement

The snake will not back out of the trap, but will try to turn around to escape.  This action brings the snake's entire body into contact with the glue.  We have seen snakes exceeding six feet in length caught securely in the Snake Guard trap

Here is how trapped reptiles are safely released:  This glue is easily dissipated with regular household cooking oil!  (We have used vegetable oil with excellent results.)   Within minutes, the captured snake slides off the trap to be released in the area of your choice.  As you can see, this disposable trap gives you the option of relocating the snake or disposing of it as you please.

Order Snake Guard   

Tip:  Remember to use Snake-A-Way snake repellent around playgrounds, buildings, fence rows, flower beds, swimming pools or other areas to keep them snake free.