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Talstar is a synthetic pyrethroid that is available in both granular and liquid concentrate forms.  Under the new TalstarOne Multi-Insecticide label, the liquid concentrated form is now labeled for many different pests in several locations that are important in many aspects of urban pest control.  Molecricket control is a very popular use of Talstar liquid but is only one of many pests that can be controlled in lawns.  See Talstar Lawn Pest Control for more information.  There are also many pests of shrubs, trees, ornamentals, flowers and bedding plants that can now be controlled by TalstarOne.  Read about how you can use Talstar for these bugs by reading the Pests of Shrubs and Trees Controlled by Talstar page.  Two important features of the liquid material are Perimeter Treatment of Buildings and Indoor Pests Controlled with Talstar.

When label instructions are followed, it is very safe towards non-target animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals, but cannot be shipped to South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California.   Talstar lasts much longer than organophosphate pesticides such as Dursban, Diazinon, Malathion and Acephate.  We have had many reported cases of Talstar controlling molecrickets  and small flies for up to two months, chinch bugs, ants and fire ants for three months!  Only 1 or 2 applications are needed each year for mole crickets.  No special site preparation is needed when treating for mole crickets with Talstar.  Talstar is very effective in controlling ants, fleas, chinch bugs and other turf and ornamental pests.

Scroll down for application/ ordering information for Talstar granules and Talstar concentrate.  For more information about molecrickets, go to our Molecrickets Article.

Using Talstar Granules For Mole Cricket Control

A 25lb. bag of Talstar will treat up to 12,000 square feet. 
Order Talstar granules to treat your lawn for mole crickets.  Also excellent for eliminating chinch bugs and ants and fire ants.

Using Talstar Liquid Concentrate For Mole Cricket Control

No special preparation of the lawn is necessary. Simply apply Talstar concentrate at the rate of 1 ounce per thousand square feet of turf, using your hose end sprayer. The label rate for killing ants with Talstar liquid is only 1/2 ounce per thousand square feet. We have seen this product control ants for three months, at the rate of only 1/4 ounce per thousand square feet!

Order Talstar liquid concentrate for treating for mole crickets.

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