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Termitafoam: Foams your insectiides, termite chemicalsTurn your insecticide into foam for wall, void treatments.

Carpenter Ants    Powderpost Beetles   Bora-Care

Mixing Instructions   How to order Termitafoam

Now you can apply termiticides to hard to reach areas that conventional spray applications miss--with Termitafoam.  Use this foaming agent in any foam machine or foamer to produce a shaving cream consistency to your chemicals.  This rapidly expanding action helps your termite treatment (or other crack, crevice and wall void pest control treatments) penetrate into the remote areas where conventional sprays will not go and are often missed.  Use under concrete slabs, behind brick or other veneers, into framed walls and hollow block voids and shallow crawl spaces.  Termitafoam lasts longer and helps your termite or pest control chemical by promoting better absorption and better residual control.

To see how easy and simple Termitafoam works, just imagine spraying a small amount of any liquid into a soft drink bottle.  Now imagine injecting the same amount of shaving cream into the same container.  It's that easy and simple!  The foam expands and adheres to surfaces longer than regular sprays or aerosols.  By using our Professional Foamer (a simple device that blends air and any liquid solution containing Termitafoam) to apply product into those hard to reach areas, you produce a foam which allows your pest control chemicals to completely cover and protect the wood surface from termite damage.

This professional foaming agent can be used with Bora-Care, Timbor, Permethrin Pro and other insecticides labeled for use in wall voids and other areas you need to treat but have trouble reaching.

Mixing Instructions

Before using pesticides in your foamer, you might want to practice by using the foaming agent with only water.  This will give you a "feel" for using foam, showing you how the foamed liquid is applied, how it expands, etc.

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